About us


Black Box (Pvt.) Ltd was formed as a collaboration of MK Trading Company and Eagle Eye. The founders Mr. Abdul Bilal (CEO) MK Trading Company & Mr. Ali Atif (CEO) Eagle Eye formed Black Box (Pvt.) Ltd with the sole aim of offering safety solutions to individual car owners and a much required relief to the Auto Industry, Leasing and Insurance sectors.

The Soft Launch of Black Box (Pvt.) Limited in 2009 introduced a fresh new alternative to the market which till then consisted of only one dominant company.

The founders of BLACK BOX (PVT.) LTD, Mr. Abdul Bilal and Mr. Ali Atif , have been associated for over years; they create the perfect synergy to ensure the success of our company.

License # DIR(L)/CV AS-575 /PTA/2014


General Policy for franchises

  1. Every month 30 trackers are required to buy by the franchise owner.
  2. Sales of Tracker will not be Black Box head office responsibility.
  3. Cheques will in the favour of Black Box.
  4. No cash or open chq should be given to any person.
  5. Annual monitoring will completely be head office belonging.
  6. Please confirm devices IMEI number from black box control room.
  7. 0213-5850304-6 Installation, After sale service and complaints will be black box head office responsibility.
  8. Black Box will sign one year (renewable) contract with franchise owners.
  9. All franchise owners will follow the rates and other company policies defined by the head office.
  10. All documentations will be done legally.
  11. Black box owns the rights to cancel or amend the points any time without any prior information.

The Works We Did

When it comes to tracking, you should be able to set up alerts telling you at designated time intervals the location of the vehicle tracking device, which you can also view on a map. Details include the geographical location, the speed the device was travelling and the time of the event. You should also be able to access the vehicle tracker’s location history on a map. Some of the packages may add in additional tracking features, such as geo-fencing, where you can set up a specific area in the software’s maps that will alert you if your vehicle travels outside that agreed-upon zone.